Cảm biến Magnescale Digital Gauge DK205

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High accuracy, rugged gauges. Suitable for installation on machine.

  • Measuring range : 205 mm / 8.07"
  • Accuracy : 6 μm (DK205PR5)
  • Maximum resolution : 0.5 μm Excellent resistance to workshop conditions.
  • Magnet feeler (205BP)
  • Direct connected to A/B quadrature counter



*1 The resolution setting needs to be made when connecting to the LT30 series, MG series, and LY70 series. For details, please refer to the respective instruction manual.

*2 The mass indicated is the total mass excluding the cable and interpolation box.

*3 The spindle weights about 400g.

Magnescale reserves the right to change product specifications without prior notice.

Model DK205
Output A/B/Z phase voltage-differential line driver output(compliant with EIA-422)
Maximum resolution*1 0.5 μm
Measuring range 205 mm
Accuracy (at 20℃) 6 μm
Reference point One location (at 5 mm position of spindle movement)
Maximum response speed 250 m/min
Vibration resistance(10 ~ 2000 Hz) 150 m/s2
Impact resistance (11 ms) 1500 m/s2
Protective design grade IP64
Operating temperature 0°C ~ 50°C
Storage temperature −20°C ~ 60°C
Power supply Power supply voltage DC +5 V ±5%
Power consumption 1 Wor less
Cable length Approx. 2.5 m
Diameter of stem φ32(0~0.05)mm
Mass*2 Approx. 1300 g
Feeler mounting base Magnetic substance
Magnetically attachable feeler Magnetic attraction : 10 N, resistance against horizontal slip : 2.7 N Provided with φ4 mm carbide ball tip
Spindle*3 Spindle φ8 mm, radial swing : max.0.04 mm
Output Cable length(up to the electronic section) 22 m max.
Accessories +P M4x5 screw (2 pcs.), Instruction Manual