Bộ chuyển dữ liệu Magnescale Interface MG70-EI, MG70-PN, MG71-CM

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PLC fieldbus interface system for DK series and DT series gauges. Data from DK or DT series can be transferred to PLC via EtherNet/IP or PROFINET (DT series can be connected via MT13 interpolator)

  • MG70-EI (EtherNet/IP) / MG70-PN (PROFINET)
    • Fieldbus compatible main module. Maximum of 85 gauges can be connected to MG70-EI or MG70-PN via MG71-CM modules.
  • MG71-CM
    • Counter module for DK or DT series gauges (compatible only with MG70 series).


MG70 series Specifications

*This is the maximum number of connections when using one power supply module. A maximum of 250 MG71-CM modules can be connected by adding power supply modules. Please contact us when connecting more than 85 MG71-CM modules.

Magnescale reserves the right to change product specifications without prior notice.

Model name Main module Counter module
Communication protocol EtherNet/IP PROFINET RT Data transferred to main module by dedicated protocol
Data transfer speed 10/100Mbps 100Mbps -
Maximum connectable counter modules 85 units* -
Maximum connectable gauges - 1 unit
Mounting method 35mm DIN rail mounting
Power supply voltage 24V DC (20.4-28.8V DC)
Power consumption 2W or less 2.5W or less 1.01W or less
Cable length (Communication distance) Segment length:Max.100m between two stations -