Vibration Meter PCE-VM 3D

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Hotline: 0365930441

The PCE-VM 3D Vibration Meter provides quick and simple measurements of acceleration and displacement to check the acceleration of machines and construction parts, allowing for defects and larger unbalances to be determined. The PCE-VM 3D Vibration Meter is able to record vibration in three axis: on the x-, y-, and z- axes. The large display of the PCE-VM 3D Vibration Meter allows capturing momentary values as well as recording a whole vibration spectrum.

- Vibration acceleration: 0.1 m/s² ... 400.0 m/s² (Peak); (0 ... 40 g force)
- Vibration velocity: 0.01 ... 400.0 mm/s
- Vibration amplitude: 0.001 mm ... 4.000 mm (Peak-Peak)


Manufacturer: PCE Instruments