Tô vít lực Kanon STDK series

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Hotline: 0365930441



Pre-set torque driver

Clutch release prevents over tightening.

Please specify required set torque when you order.

●A single function driver, used for a single torque setting.
●Most suited for tightening multiple same-size fasteners at the same torque in a production line.
●Setting confirmation unnecessary.
●Light weight and short release helps the operator feel when the torque setting is reached.
●All operators tighten consistently.
●Two Philips bit are included.
●Various hex and box drive bits are avaiable.
●Accuracy:±3% of set value, clockwise.



Applicable drivers in CB type bits
1.5,3STDK N1.5,3STDK

Applicable drivers in SB type bits
6,12,20,30,50,100STDK N6,12,30,50,100STDK