Rational Metallurgical Microscope model MTM-3020MA ( Kính hiển vi công nghiệp Rational model MTM-3020MA)

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Hotline: 0365930441
  • Product name: Metallurgical Microscope
  • Product ID: MTM-3020MA

Product brief:

Metalloscope is a high precision and high efficiency measuring instrument that takes image, eyepiece and nanoscale height into consideration, and integrates optics, machinery, electronics, computing and video. This instrument has two sighting systems: television image and visual optics, which can be used to observe metallographic structure of a metal’s surface. This instrument is mainly applied in 2D measurement, sometimes in 3D aided measurement as well. It is widely used in manufacturing sectors, such as electronic components, precise mold, precise tool, plastic, PCB, coating’s thickness, handset grass, etc.


1. X, Y and Z axes linear scale resolution: 0.5μm.

2. Motorized motion Z-aixs resolution: 0.1μm

3. Automatically measures height.

4. Built-in optical module for measuring polarized light.

5. High speed / non-contact measurement.

6. Coaxial surface light measurement or bottom light measurement available.

7. Can be matched with white light nanometer measuring module to measure object whose thickness is in nanoscale.

Working table
Metal table size (mm)
500 x 330
Glass table size (mm)
350 x 250
X, Y-axis travel (mm)
300 x 200
Manual Z-axis travel (mm)
Automatic Z-axis travel (mm)
Dimension (mm)
825 x 660 x 910
Weight (kg)
Resolution (μm)
Motorized motion Z-axis resolution (μm)
Indication error (μm)

E1XY=( 2.5+ L/100) μm   (L is the length of the measured object. Unit: mm)

Lens magnification error
≦0.08% (including distortion)
Transmission illumination
Halogen lamp whose brightness is adjustable
Bottom illumination
LED whose brightness is adjustable
Eyepiece System
Video system
Lens magnification
5X, 10X, 20X, 50X
5X, 10X, 20X, 50X; 10X Mirau lens 
Eyepiece magnification
10X dual lens cone
1/2”CCD camera
Total magnification
50X ~500X
142.5X ~1425X (19.5 inches display. Resolution: 1440 x 900)
Single layer transparent thickness measurement module
High resolution mode
Fast mode
Measuring range
100nm ~300nm
300nm ~500nm
500nm ~3μm
3μm ~20μm