Rational Degital Read Out model DRO WE200 ( Màn hình hiển thị Rational DRO WE200)

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Hotline: 0365930441
  • Product name: DRO WE200
  • Product ID: WE200

Product brief:
DRO WE200 is an inspecting appliance offering positioning and display for milling machine, drilling machine, boring machine, lathe work machine, etc.

1. Adopts self-developed 24-bit IC and when resolution is 0.001mm, the speed of counter is 4m/s.
2. HD nixie tube.
3. Premium quality and durable panel, which is convenient to replace.
4. Anti-jamming capabilities of power supply and signal can be more than 2200V.
5. Recalls the last position after power failure without battery.
6. Output signal adopts differential port, which makes anti-jamming capability stronger, and makes count more stable.
7. Can be connected with linear scale or encoder to carry out processing and measuring for various kinds of machines.
8. Additional calculator feature.
9. Wide range of input voltage (AC90V~240V).

◆Zero clearing. ◆Numerical analysis.
◆Pre-sets value ◆Filters numerical value
◆ABS coordinate /INC coordinate/1000 sets of customized coordinates ◆Metric units / Imperial units transfer.
◆Diameter / semi-diameter can be selected. ◆Shrinkage rate.
◆Finds mechanical original point (RI). ◆Calculator.
◆Circular point hole. ◆Oblique line hole.
◆Arc processing. ◆Bevel processing.
◆Lathe. ◆RS232 communication protocol (Optional configuration).


Input voltage

AC 90V~240V


Less than 15W

Input signal

Orthogonality TTL square wave; frequency<2MHZ; electric current>1mA