Quạt thôi ion Fan type ionizer Kasuga KD-750BB/KD-750B

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Ionization from microelectronic devices

The unique design ensures the widest possible variable range of air volume, which permits the fastest-ever ionization from microelectronic devices at an extremely weak airflow.

Ionization performance at different air volumes (*Measurement distance: 300 mm)

Air volume Time taken for ionization
Maximum (4.6 m/sec) 0.6sec
Minimum (1.3 m/sec) 1.8sec



Main unit of the ionizer

Model KD-750BB KD-750B
Ion generation method DC corona discharge
Discharging electrode needle Tungsten
Ion balance* Within ±10V (at time of factory shipment), permits fine tuning
Fan speed Variable (non-step)
Maximum air volume 3.68m3/min
Airflow speed* 1.3 - 4.6m/sec
Cleaning brush Yes No
Alarm display Cleaning, fan failure, fan guard removal, high-voltage stop
Terminal block DC24V input, DC24V output (permits series connection of up to five units)
Cleaning alarm (including high-voltage alarm), buzzer output (DC24V)
Fan failure alarm (including fan guard removal), ground
Amount of ozone production* 0.02 ppm or less
Operating environment Temperature: 0°C-40°C, Humidity: 80% RH or below (no condensation)
Input condition DC24V
Consumption current 550mA
Mass Approx. 910g Approx. 900g

*Measurement distance: 300mm


Dedicated AC adapter
Model KN-AC1
Input conditions AC100 - 240V 50/60Hz
Output voltage DC24V
Capacity Capable of driving one unit of KD-750B
Mass Approx. 270g
Rear fan guard unit with filter