Quạt thôi ion Fan type ionizer Kasuga ITI-02

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  • The newly designed fan guard enables high-speed  ionization even from a distance.
  • Control by the newly developed D.I.C. circuit* not only maintains a certain ion balance but also ensures a consistent amount of ion generation. This allows ionization in the optimal condition at all times, with no degradation of ionization performance. Frequency of maintenance can thus be significantly reduced.
  • The front fan guard can easily be removed with a single touch, which allows simple access to the area around the electrodes, ensuring easy maintenance.
  • When the ionizer is turned on, it displays the remaining interval before the next maintenance.
  • Electrode needles made of a special alloy with low dust emission allow use of the unit in a clean-room environment.

ITI-02_02.jpgWhen the unit is turned on, it displays the remaining interval before the next maintenance by the number of LED lamps lit.

*The D.I.C. (Double Ion Control) circuit maintains the optimal condition for ionization by simultaneously controlling the ion balance and amount of ion generation.



Main unit of the ionizer

Model ITI-02
Ion generation method DC corona discharge
Discharging electrode needle Special alloy with low dust emission
Method of ion balance control Control by D.I.C. circuit
Ion balance* Within ±10V (at time of factory shipment), permits fine tuning
Fan speed Variable (non-step)
Maximum air volume 3.0m3/min
Maximum airflow speed* 3.7m/sec
Alarm display Alarm lamp blinking Cleaning alarm, fan guard removal, high-voltage alarm
Alarm lamp staying lit high-voltage stop (when voltage exceeds the control range or the high-voltage alarm continues)
Alarm output
(External output)
Ionization output During ionization (high-voltage output)
Alarm output While alarm lamp blinks or stays lit
External input Permits feedback input of electrostatic potential or ion balance
Amount of ozone production* 0.02 ppm or less
Operating environment Temperature: 0°C-40°C, Humidity: 80% RH or below (no condensation)
Input condition DC12V
Consumption current 750mA
Mass Approx. 2.3kg

*Measurement distance: 300mm

Dedicated AC adapter

Model AC adapter for ITI-02
Input conditions AC100 - 240V 50/60Hz
Output voltage DC12V
Mass 約385g