Peak Silver Loupe model Peak 2058, Peak 2059, Peak 2060

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We have added three kinds of epock-making silver loupes to Peak Loupe series so far supplied.

It is well know in Europe from several hundred years ago that the silver having purity of 92.5% is stable chemically and has a hardness best for use. We have used the sterling silver 925 to supply these splendid loupes.

How to use: Aster Loupe & Plain Loupe

Keep the lens as close as possible to your eye. then keep the object you observe away from the lens and find where it is in focus.

Desk Loupe:

Place the desk loupe above the object you observe and find where it is in focus by up-down motion of your eye. Or use the desk loupe just like you use the aster loupe and plain loupe.

How to care:

Silver area: Put a small quantity of silver polish on soft cloth and burnish. After burnishing, wipe with dry cloth.
Lens portion: Wipe with a lens-clear for glasses. Do not wipe with a cloth you use on silver frame. It may damage lens.

Item Number Effective Aperture Magnification Lens Frame Handle Net Weight
P2058 62.3 mm Ø 1.6x 65.0 mm Ø 88.6x9.8mm 90 g
P2059 34.5 mm Ø 3.1x 43.5 mm Ø 77.0x2.7mm 30 g
P2060 34.5 mm Ø 3.1x - 47.3x45.3x35.0mm 40 g