Máy mài Sonic Endodontic Micron AW-100-KA, AW-100-4H

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TA-200 S4H/S2H

More efficient and rapid


A versatile handpiece plays double role as air scaler and endodontic instrument by changing attachments.
With the vibration by compressed air, TA-200 enables much more efficient and rapid root canal cleaning and enlargement as well as tartar removal than manual treatment.

Controllable power output


TA-200 is equipped with a power controller.
The best power output can be obtained according to the purpose of use, and to the attached instrument.

More efficient and rapid


Changing attachments converts TA-200 from air scaler to endo handpiece or vice versa.
Its vibration enables faster, more efficient scaling, root canal cleaning and enlarging than manual work.

Connection Type


Midwest 4 hole or Borden 2 hole type available.