Máy khử ion Nozzle type ionizer Kasuga NI-01/NI-02

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Hotline: 0365930441


The nozzle type static eliminating electrode that uses air pressure allows usage of the unit for dust elimination. The NI-01 is for use with compressor air and the NI-02 for air from a blower.


High-voltage power supply

Model Effective number of nozzles Length of high-voltage cable Power consumption Input power Protective circuit External output
PAS-801AL2 Total: 100 Total: 30m 35VA 100V-110V or 200V-220V, 50 Hz or 60 Hz (switchable)

Detection of abnormal discharge and output
Alarm with lamp and buzzer 


Detection of abnormal discharge
Alarm with lamp

PAS-802 Total: 300 Total: 10m 100VA No
PAS-710 Total: 50 Total: 10m 30VA 100V or 200V (switchable), 50 Hz/60 Hz Yes
PAS-704 Total: 20 Total: 3m No
PAS-705 Total: 10 Total: 2m No No


Static eliminating electrode

Model NI-01 NI-02
Use air Compressor air  Air from a blower
Recommended air pressure 0.1 - 0.4MPa 1 - 5kPa
Amount of air consumption 17 - 50L/min 17 - 30L/min
Operating environment Temperature
Dimensions 35×61×94(mm)
Mass 0.3kg


Nozzle header


Mount a required number of nozzle electrodes on the air pipe for static and dust elimination from wide objects or objects with a specialized shape.