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The CT-6700 is a digital engine tachometer to measure revolution speed of gasoline or diesel engines, motors (EV/HEV) equipped on electric vehicles or hybrid electric vehicles or general rotating bodies.

This compact tachometer supports 10 kinds of various sensors with different usages and purposes including ignition pulse detector, gasoline and diesel engine rotation detector, and magneto-electric rotation detector. Engine rotation speed has now come to be able to measure by ECU crank signal even when it is difficult to mount a detector on an actual vehicle.


Input section
Applicable sensor
(sold separately)
IP-292/296, IP-3000A/3100, OM-1200/1500, VP-202/1220, LG-9200, MP-900/9000 series, MP-981, EXT(PULSE), ECU crank angle signal(option)
Measurement range IP-292/296/3000A/3100:120 to 20000 r/min
OM-1200/1500:120 to 20000 r/min
VP-202/1220:120 to 20000 r/min
MP-900/9000 series:30 to 99999 r/min
MP-981:0 to 99999 r/min
LG-9200:0 to 99999 r/min
EXT(PULSE):0 to 99999 r/min
CRANK PULSE:120 to 20000 r/min
Input frequency range 0.1 Hz - 120 kHz *1
Display method
(display size)
Fluorescent display tube (52.5 x 11.5 mm)
Display range 0 to 99999 r/min *1
Accuracy ±0.01 %/F.S(±1 count)or less
Analog output
Output range 0 to 10 V
Range setting 1 to 99999 r/min(set in steps of 1 r/min)
Load resistance 100 kΩ or more
Response Updates in less than 8µs after cycle becomes stable.
Resolution 16 bit
Pulse output
Output item
DIRECT : Wave-shaped output
0.5[P/R] : Output r/min value to obtain 0.5 P/R
1[P/R] : Output r/min value to obtain
1 P/R 60[P/R] : Manually switch r/min value output to obtain 60 P/R
Signal level 0-5 V logic signal(Lo:0.4 V or less, Hi:4.5 V or less)
Load resistance 100 kΩ or more
Contact output
Item Engine run, over run
Setting range 1 to 99999 r/min
Contact capacity DC 30 V/0.1 A
Applicable connector
(cable side)
Phoenix Contact MVSTBR2, 5/4-ST-5, 08
Digital interface RS-232C / CAN(option)
Other function
Moving average 2 to 720 times
Deceleration calculation Selection of time or cycle
Time : 1 to 1200 ms
Cycle : 1.5/3/5/8/16
Trigger assist Automatic setting of trigger level employed until pulse detection
Resume function Preserving condition values even while power is off.
Condition memory Up to 5 types of condition memory can be saved.
General specification
Power requirement DC 9 to 28 V, 12 VA or less
·AC adapter(AC100-240 V, 36 VA or less)
·Input cable with fuse clips on both ends(option)
Outer dimensions 170(W)× 49(H)× 120(D) mm
Weight Approx. 700 g
Operating temperature range 0 to 50 ℃ *2
Operating humidity range 5 to 85 %(with no condensation)
CE marking Low Voltage Directive: 2014/35/EUEN61010-1 class1 (when AC adapter is used.)
EMC Directive : 2014/30/EUEN61326-1 class1 Industrial Environment
RoHS Directive : 2011/65/EUEN50581
FCC 47 CFR 15 Subpart B Class A
Accessory ·Rubber foot x 4
·AC adapter (100-240 V) for DC16 V
·Instruction Manual × 1

*1 In case of EXT(PULSE).
*2 Operating temperature range of the AC adapter: 0 to 40 ℃



Model name
CT-0671 CAN output function
CT-0672 ECU Crank Angle Signal Input Function*3
CT-0673 Panel Mounting Fixture
CT-0674 Panel Mounting Fixture (CT-6520 replacement)*4
CT-0675 Protection Plate
CT-0676 Light Shielding Hood
LC-0082 Battery Power Cable
LC-0865 Power cable for Cigarette Lighter Socket Sensor

*3 This function enables measurement of engine rotation speed by using ECU crank angular signal.
*4 CT-0673 is required when CT-0674 is used.