Máy đo nhiệt độ Bonkote MCA-700 II, MCA-900II

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Temperature Measurement


 Iron tip temperature, Leak voltage and Earth line resistance can be measured. 
 Any calculation is not necessary, but read the digital indication.
 Sensors can be replaced quickly by one-touch plug-in method.
 MCA-700Ⅱ allows you to perform the quality control meeting ISO-9000, QS-9000 and MIL std.


Input voltage AC100, 120, 220V  
Dimension (W.D.H) 180W×140D×70H  
Weight 1380g  
Temperature Indication range Precision
   0~600℃ 32~999F ±(4℃) Class 0.75 Type K ±(6°F)
Leak voltage 0.0~99.9mVAC ±(3% rdg + 0.3mv)
Earth line resistance 0.0~99.9Ω ±(4% rdg +0.3Ω)

Excerpt from MIL-STD-2000

 Electric resistance between the heated soldering iron tip and the grounding point of the workshop shall not exceed 5 Ω.
 Electric potential difference between the heated soldering iron tip and the grounding point of the workshop shall not exceed    2mV(RMS).
 The power supply shall use 3-cpre cable and the top-point grounding method.
 Soldering irons shall be designed to hae a switch at 0 voltage.
■ Transformer type of soldering irons shall not be used.


 NOTE: SPEC. change
     MCA-900Ⅱ is going to delete the function of Fahrenheit. 
             Only the Celsius function is available.
●  Purchase price does NOT include " Initial calibration".
  "Initial calibration" and all sensors are optional.                              


 As heat loss of the sensor is small, MCA-900Ⅱ can measure accurately even small iron tips.
 This is a handy type that can be used for any kind of work.
 We have three types of thermal sensors for various purpose.

Various snesor units



0.1℃(0~199.9℃)/1℃(All range of measurement)
Measurement range
Detection edge
Type K
Measurement accuracy
±(0.3% rdg + 2℃)(23℃±5℃ body only)
3.5 digits   LCD display
Power supply
DC9V( Dry cell 006P x 1pc)
Battery life
250 hrs (alkaline battery is continuously used)
Operational conditions
80W×48D×156Hmm(body only)