Máy đo lực siết Kanon KDTA-SVH Series

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Hotline: 0365930441



Large Digital Torque Analyzers

●LED display elminates reading errors.
●Processor chip assures measurement with higt reliability and ascuracy.
●The display unit angle can be adjusted approximately 90°.
●Can be connected to various optional equipument( same above).
●Saves time and helps speed up work.
●Equipped with a kgf-cm/Nm selector switch.

●Power AC100-240V 50/60Hz
●Accuracy 1% of the indicated value +1increment, over the full range.
●Display red LED (character height 25mm)
●Operationg temperature range 0~40℃

TPK-3 standard printer

Indicates in or out of specification on the led display and print out.
*Printer cables are options.
CSV-1 is for KDTA-SV and KDTA-SVH series cable.


AT Drive attachment for KDTA

AT-1 12×5.5-6-7-8
AT-2 12×9-10-11-12
AT-3 12×6.35
AT-4 14×8-9-10-11-12-13-14
AT-5 14×17-19-21-22-24-26
AT-6 14×27-29-30-32-36
AT-9 22×19-22-24
AT-10 22×27-30-32
AT-11 22×36-41