Máy đo kích thước Nidec shimpo (Acquest SKS Coporation) FT-5000, FT-5501, FT-5502 Air Gauge

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FT-5000 Air Gauge

FT-5000FT-5000 Column Type Air Gauge

The Series FT-5000 column type air gauge, micrometer display is a precision, non-contact measuring instrument when combined with a customized air probe sensor. Air gauge measurement has been around for decades. It is a non-destructive testing method that utilizes air flow and the resistance created between an object under test and the air gauge’s sensing probe. The air resistance or back pressure changes with distance between the air probe and device under test. This air pressure change out of the air sensor can be scaled on a display to determine dimensional analysis as well as product acceptance.

The FT-5000 column type air gauge display with separate, customized air probe sensor performs fast, easy and precise dimensional analysis on components. Column displays can also be conveniently daisy-chained with additional units to allow quick inspections of multiple dimensions with various sensors. The air gauge technology offers sufficient magnification and reliability to measure small tolerances down to 0.5 micron. Due to its fast response, outstanding tolerance and accurate repeatability, Tosok air gauge micrometers are ideal for quality measurements on the production floor or in the lab.

  • In coordination with the max./min. masters and the customized air probe sensor, air adjustment knobs enable calibration of the zero and full scale
  • Possesses a light weight and slim frame allowing for placement on any bench, plus enables a small foot-print when daisy-chaining units
  • Up to 6 units can be stacked allowing multiple readings to be simultaneously taken on the same part
  • Sensitivity adjustment knob allows fine tuning for more precise air control
  • Simplified operation and set up compared with digital models
  • Non-contact measurement eliminates the potential for damage to the test part
  • Especially effective in quickly measuring inside and outside diameters
  • Quick and stable air float micrometer is free of hysteresis error
  • High pressure air from sensor cleans off oil and dust on the test pieces, assuring accurate measurement
  • Adjustable high/low limit flag indicators aid user in determining part acceptability