Máy đo độ nhám và độ tròn Joneptik W800 Stationary Roughness and Contour Meassurement

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Hotline: 0365930441
W800 measuring systems have been developed for roughness and contour measuring tasks associated with typically manual or semi-automatic measuring processes.The systems are easy to operate and offer a great variety of analyses thanks to the performant measuring and evaluation software Evovis. The result is the highest standard of measuring accuracy in the shortest time.

The quick-change adapter enables probing systems to be swapped over without having to use any tools. Probe arms and probing system are equipped with magnetic coupling making the exchange of probe arms easy and fast. This means you can take a flexible approach towards all of your measuring requirements.

The system automatically detects the intelligent contour probe arms with RFID identification and adjusts the optimal measurement conditions. This means that operating errors and incorrect measurements can be practically eliminated.