Máy đo cân bằng động cơ Sigma SB-7006RS, SB-7006RSG, SB-7006RSGW Balance Moniter

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Hotline: 0365930441
Máy đo cân bằng động cơ Sigma SB-7006RS, SB-7006RSG, SB-7006RSGW Balance Moniter

Measurement range
Applicable Rotors Rigid Rotor, Grinding wheel(G:1-plane, GW:2-plane)
Balancing Speed 180min-1 to 400,000min-1
Resolution of rotational speed display 1 min-1
Amplitude range of synchronized vibration 0.001 to 999 µm(at 6,000min-1)
Resolution of vibration 0.001µm
Vibration input channel 2ch
Measuring method Fixed-speed method
No. of Correction plane 1 or 2, selectable
Correction method
Polar coordinates 1° to 360° (angle resolution: 1°)
Components of unbalance vector 3 to 50
Correction weight Add / Remove
Vibration analysis function
Unbalance Vibration Analysis 0.001 to 999µm (at 6,000min-1)
Harmonic analysis 0.001 to 999µm (at 6,000min-1)
FFT Analysis (Optional) Maximum analysis frequency: 20kHz
Overall amplitude monitoring Acc P、Acc RMS、Acc F、Vel R、Disp EQP (range Acc: 0.1 to 40m/s²)
Time domain Waveform (Optional) 800 lines max.
USB memory port Available as standard
USB interface USB mini connector (transfer to PC for data and Screenshots)
microSD card slot N/A
Eccentricity compensation Available as standard
Measuring range selection Automatic ranging
No. of stored work data 10
Graphic display 5.7" TFT color LCD (LED back light)
Set up operation Dialog with touch screen
Power supply AC adapter: AC 100 to 240V ±10% 50/60Hz
Environment Temperature: 10 to 40°C, Humidity: 20 to 80%RH (Non-condensing)
Dimension of measuring unit 204(W) × 71(D) × 137(H)mm, (105(L)mm for printer option)
Mass of measuring unit Approx. 1.7kg, (2.2kg for printer option)
Dimension of Carrying case 455(W) × 185(D) × 320(H)mm
Mass of Carrying case Approx. 8.0kg (with main unit and all accessories)
Standard accessories
Vibration sensor P12SC Sensitivity: 10pC/(m/s²)
  fixing magnet: KM-025C (Holding force: 100N)
  sensor cable: LN-041 (2.5m straight)
Rotation sensor SFS-M1H (with 2m cable)
  fixing magnet stand: DG1030 (Holding force: 800N)
  with manual and an adjust driver
AC adapter UN318-0628 (DC6V 2.8A)
Circular protractor 822-0001 (ø15cm)
Manual CD-ROM, Digest booklet
FFT Analyzer (-F) Frequency analysis / Time domain Waveform
Unbalance correction Balance weights arrangement for grinding wheel (7006RSG: 1-plane, 7006RSGW: 2-plane)
Vibration input channel N/A
Internal Printer(-P) Mechanical dot printer
Additional sensor for multi-point measurement Vibration sensor:P12SC with cable:LN-041(2.5m)