Máy đo 2D SP Series Vision Measurement Machine Easson SP3-3020, Easson SP3-4030, Easson SP-4030H, Easson SP-6050H

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SPARTAN Series 3D Super High Performance Automatic Vision Measurement Machine is designed especially for large quantity repeated measuring, with high speed, high efficiency and powerful functions. SPARTAN series especially suits for large-amount section which requires high speed, high efficiency and high precision. It is essential and important for a busy QC line. SPARTAN series uses high precision 00 class granite structure for the bracket, along with high precision work-table, which ensures the stability and precision of the machine body and the high precision of the measuring. For SP-4030H & SP-6050H three axis adopt the Panasonic AC servo motor & drivers, recognized by the whole industry as the most reliable system.

All the moving is controlled by a high speed high accuracy full closed-loop 32bit DSP controller in order to ensure a reliable high-speed measurement, and can provide 1um position accuracy, make sure high repeatability.

The software of SPARTAN series has learning function, users just need measure the work piece manually one time, the software will record all the measuring process, this can be used for the later repeated measuring. Users do not have to write any program and which largely simplify the operation.
All the SP series can install the Renishaw touch probe and 3D software for 3D measurement.

  AC servomotor system

The 3 axis of SPARTAN H series adopt the Panasonic AC servo motor system, recognized by the whole industry as the most reliable system, to make sure high speed and reliable measuring.

 Motorized auto-zoom lens

Needn’t make image correction any more after change the magnification rate, Can improve the measuring efficiency clearly.

  0.5x, 1.5x, 2x lens

After installing them, the enlarging rate can extension to 12-290X, convenient to measure small & big work pieces.

  2D/3Dcomplex measuring

RENISHAW high precision touch probes combine the vision measuring in SPARTAN series, they use the same Coordinates system, so it can have the 2D/3D measuring match Perfectly.

Model SP3-3020 SP3-4030 SP-4030H SP-6050H
X,Y,Z measurement travel 300x200x200 (mm) 400x300x250 (mm) 400x300x250 (mm) 600x500x300 (mm)
Overall dimensions 135x72x165 (cm) 146x89x175 (cm) 170x136x185 (cm)
Machine weight 280 kg 410 kg 1700 kg
Repeatability 2 micron
Max table load 30kg 50kg
Operation mode Automatic CNC control, by mouse, keyboard or joystick, Super high speed and high trusty Ethernet connect with computer
Resolution 0.1 μm
X,Y,Z measurement precision (2.5+ L/200) micron (2.5+ L/150) micron (3+ L/150) micron
Light source system Software controlled adjustable 8 zone surface light and straight adjustable contour light
Structure 00 grade granite base and mast
Lens High precision motorized Tele-centric auto-zoom lens & 0.5x,1.5x,2x attached lens
Probe system English RENISHAW precision touch probe
Magnification Optical enlarging rate 0.75-4.5x, image enlarging rate 12-290x after install attached lens
Moving system X/Y/Z servo motor drive system Japanese Panasonics AC servo motor & driver
Vision system High resolution CCD lens (1/2” SONY CCD sensor & special SPC)