Kính hiển vi Shibuya model NVU3VD-MS1

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VGA-InGaAs Microscope

Built-in LED Ring Illuminator for infrared dark field observation, high resolution infrared microscope photography is available without any difficult technical skill.


Cat.No. NVU3VD-MS1
Number and pitch of pixels 640 x 513, 15 um
Wavelength range 970 - 1650 nm
Image format 16 bit grayscale png, tiff, csv
Frame rate 10 - 60 fps rolling shutter
Digital I/F USB 3.0 Vision
Objective Lens Mitsutoyo Infrred Objective Lens,
M Plan Apo NIR x20 (x10 and x 50 also acceptable)
Working Distance 20 mm (for x 20),
Parfocal distance, 95 mm
Real field of view 840 x 675 um
(for x 20, objective lens, camera lens f= 100 mm)
Size of microscope body 49 mm square with 124 mm length (for camera lens f= 100 mm)
Locking screw of microscope 6 pcs. of M4 screws in 27 mm squarespace
Filter Available built-in filter, 25 mm or 25.4 mm diameter
Built-in Illuminator LED Ring illuminator for infrared dark field, wavelength 1450 nm
24 bulbs(approx. 200 mW, wavelength, 950, 1050, 1250, 1650 nm available)
Power supply of illuminator Accessories with AC Adapter for 12V, 0.5A