Kính hiển vi Saitoh Kougaku SKB-2700A-FHD

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Hotline: 0365930441

High Resolution 1920x1080P
Full High Definition 1080P(DVI1.0)
Smooth dynamic image by Progressive scanning(60fps)
Simple connection using on HDMI cable

  • You can see inside of hole at the same time because viewing angle is 95 degrees!
  • It reduces eyestrain because the image is high definition!

SKB-2700A-FHD Full High Definition Borescope of standard contents

C mount adaptor
Full High Definition Camera(with AC/DC adaptor)
LED lighting source
Light guide

Sample pictureSample picture
*Monitor and cable are not included in the price
Diameter 2.7mm
Effective length 110mm
Viewing angle 95°
Line of sight


Image capture equipment(Can save images) *Please ask us for details.
  • Connect to computer type(Only USB3.0)

    Connect to computer type(Only USB3.0)

  • SD card type(Only SDHC)

    SD card type(Only SDHC)