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MT5310L/LBC Advanced Live Blood Cell LED Trinocular Brightfield/Phase Contrast Biological Microscope


The MT5310L/LBC Series is Meiji Techno America’s Advanced Research Grade upright Trinocular Biological Brightfield/Phase Contrast Compound LED Microscope system. Meiji Techno's laboratory grade upright microscope line is the new and cost-effective MT5310L/LBC Series Advanced Biological Microscopes. The MT5310L/LBC Series employs all new and improved U. Plan Phase optics. Smooth operating ball bearing quintuple nosepiece provides effortless objective changes. Meiji Techno's ICOS™ (Infinity Corrected Optical System) makes the study of mounted specimens fast and easy while delivering an excellent cost-to-performance ratio. Ergonomically designed, precisely manufactured in Japan and simple to use stage and coarse and fine controls, to meet the demands of researchers and clinical laboratory specialists. Adjustable, smooth operating, field iris in a new and improved enclosed sealed hardshell plastic design. Meiji Techno has reviewed all aspects of microscope usability to develop the MT5310L/LBC microscope, which provides functionality with operational ease. It has a larger 30.0 mm I.D. eyetube and a larger stage than the MT4000 Series. Viewing high quality images, sample changing and photomicroscopy are all conducted with ergonomics in mind. High Intensity LED illumination shows true to life color quality. The MT5310L/LBC is designed for Brightfield/Phase Contrast observation and rugged quality as you would expect from a Japanese made microscope. Various imaging techniques are available with different models in this series.