Kính hiển vi Meiji Techno MT-51, MT-50

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The MT-51 Series Compound Trinocular Biological Microscopes is our Advanced Higher Academic Biological Microscope. For the laboratory, medical school, veterinary clinic, physician’s office the economical MT-51 is the ideal microscope system. It’s mechanical durability holds up to the constant daily use and demands of a busy laboratory. This is the ideal combination of economy without compromising quality. The MT-51 uses a 3 watt LED with variable intensity control, rated for over 25,000 hours of use. A new optical standard of precision optics is found in this series of Meiji Techno’s MT-51 advanced trinocular student microscopes. These proven, durable microscopes will withstand the constant student wear and tear a student microscope endures from day to day use. The rugged cast aluminum base is designed with stability in mind, but compact in design to fit most laboratory bench. The quadruple objective turret nosepiece is in reverse position to permit easier changing and positioning of specimen slides and to protect the objective lenses. The LED illumination with intensity control provides optimum image brightness with all objectives in place. LED offers no heat, providing no external stress on the sample on the stage or quickly evaporating an alcohol solution. Cord hanger is positioned properly for portability and ease of storage, that lab technicians appreciate greatly. The magnification of this Binocular Compound Microscope from 40x, 100x, 400x and 1000x. Ideal for biological use, this microscope satisfies laboratories on a limited budget. This type of microscope requires that the specimen be mounted on a slide and are held in place with stage clips. Optional C” mounts are available to match the chip size of your CCD /CMOS Digital or Analog cameras.

   • Dust Cover for MT-50 Series
   • Rubber Eyeguards for the MT-50 Series (paired) included 
   • MT-50 Series Meiji Techno Instruction Manual included 
   •0.35x C"mount adapter (mounted on trinocular tube)

Product Information: 
   • Warranty: 1 YEARS WARRANTY 
   • Customer Support: 1-(800) 832-0060 (U.S.A Based)

Package Information:
   • Weight: 16lbs (7.3kg)
   • Box Size: 21 x 15 x 11 inches