Kính hiển vi Meiji Techno IM4100

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Hotline: 0365930441
• Cast aluminum alloy body triangular footprint design for stability
• Comfortable Siedentopf viewing head, 30° inclination, F.N. 22 Widefield Eyepiece
• 6V 30W Vertical Koehler Illuminator with auto sensing power supply
• Brightfield observation mode and simple polarization with rotatable polarizing filter
• Supplied with polarizer and analyzer filters (yellow, blue, green, clear)
• Includes Halogen illumination with rotatable polarizer * Incident (Reflected) Light illumination 6V, 30W
• Quintuple nosepiece with Infinity Corrected F=200MM
• Infinity Planachromat EPI, 5X, 10X, 20X and 50X objectives for quintuple nosepiece
• 203mm (X) x 229mm (Y) Attachable Mechanical Stage with ergonomic dropdown control
• Coaxial coarse and fine focusing (0.2mm per revolution) knobs with graduation
• Side mount port for C-mount adapter, 0.5X and 0.3X C-mount adapters optional
• The frame has a side port for mounting a camera and mechanical stage