Kính hiển vi Meiji Techno EM-60, EM-61

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Hotline: 0365930441

EM-61 Includes:

EM-61/HEAD Info:
Trinocular 0.7X-4.5X Zoom Microscope Body (76mm) with built in 23mm phototube. 6.4:1 Zoom ratio and 100mm (4") working distance.

EM-60/10X Info:
Widefield 10X for EM-60 and EM-61 (paired)

EM-60/STAND Info:
The stand is a 35mm (1.38") Pole Stand with a 10" vertical pole height and has an ergonomic low profile LED stand

Illumination Info:
16" Dual arm LED incident light integrated in stand with transmitted light with variable intensity control auto voltage sensing. 

Stage Plate Info: 3.8" black and white stage plate

Optional C" mounts:

MA151/EM-61/05: "C" mount adapter 0.5X for EM-61 
MA151/EM-61/03: "C" mount adapter 0.3X for EM-61 

Optional Eyepieces

EM-60/10X: Widefield 10X for EM-60 and EM-61 (paired) 
EM-60/15X: Widefield 15X for EM-60 and EM-61 (paired) 
EM-60/20X: Widefield 20X for EM-60 and EM-61 (paired) 
EM-60/30X: Widefield 30X for EM-60 and EM-61(paired)