Kính hiển vi Meiji Techno EM-40 + EM40/OC10 + FS-76 + S-4600 Microscope Configuration

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EM-40 + EM40/OC10 + FS-76 + S-4600 Microscope Configuration 

EM-40 Binocular Zoom Body Info:
• Body Optical System: Finite
• Body Magnification: 6.7-45X
• Zoom Range: 0.67- 4.5X
• Zoom Ratio: 1:6.7
• Zoom Operation Mode: With Two horizontal Knobs
• Observation Method: Binocular
• Body Mounting Size for Stand: ⏀76mm
• Nosepiece Adapter Size for Ring Light: ⏀54mm
• Eyetube Adjustment Mode: Compensating
• Eyetube Angle: 45°
• Erect/Inverted Image: Erect image
• Eyetube Rotatable: 360° Rotatable
• Interpupillary Adjustment: 54-75mm
• Eyetube Inner Diameter: ⏀30mm
• Eyepiece Diopter Adjustable: ±5°
• Eyepiece Type: Standard Eyepiece
• Eyepiece Optical magnification: 10X
• Plan Eyepiece: Plan Eyepiece
• Eyepiece Size for Eyetube: ⏀30mm
• Eyepiece Field of View: ⏀22mm
• Eyepoint Type: High Eyepoint Eyepiece
• Eyepiece Size for Reticle: ⏀24mm
• Eye Guard Installation: Independent Eye Guard
• Eye Guard Material: Rubber
• Eye Guard Mount Size: ⏀36mm
• Objective Working Distance: 100mm
• Surface Treatment: Spray Paint
• Material: Metal
• Color: White
• Net Weight: 1.46kg (3.22lbs)

EM-40/OC-10 Info:
Super widefield 10x eyepiece for EM-40 and EM-41 fits 30mm I.D. eyetube (paired).

FS-76 Info:
76mm tilting post focus block with 5/8” bonder pin adapter for CZ, EM-32, EM-33 , EM-50, EM-51, EM-30, and EM-31 (requires a longer set screw)

S-4600 Info:


The S-4600 Boom Stand features include:
   • S-4600 Table Clamp Boom Stand is Meiji Techno America’s most popular ergonomic table clamp boom stand with a pillar, a cross-arm and a 20mm drop down mounting post that accepts F, FX or FC holders 
   • Minimal space requirement and greatest possible amount of work room
   • Provides flexible horizontal and vertical movement for large to mid-sized specimens and electronic components 
   • S-4600 can swing out of the way easily, clearing the workstation for other tasks
   • Safety Collar for vertical and horizontal stability
   • S-4600 Table Clamp Boom stand provides a comfortable amount of space for preparing mice, insects and other model organisms or semiconductor and electrical components 
   • Safety Collar for vertical stability 
   • Designed for the zoom (EMZ Series), turret (EMT Series) and fixed (EMF Series) stereo bodies
   • Ergonomic flexibility, chemical resistant paint finish and corrosion resistant stainless steel columns makes this boom stand an excellent choice in labs and production facilities
   • High density rubber feet for vibration stability
   • 100% MADE IN JAPAN 
   • Limited Lifetime Warranty