Kasuga Explosion proof type static eliminator (03/APS/APY)

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This system eliminates static generated in dangerous atmospheres (processes in which flammable or explosive substances are handled) by ionizing the air with the corona discharge method and thus neutralizing charged objects. It consists of a high-voltage power supply device (high-voltage generator), static-eliminating electrode and wind pressure controller (including a wind pressure detector). The high-voltage power supply device and wind-pressure controller come in a pressure-resistant explosion-proof structure as specified in the Guidelines on Prevention of Explosion of Electrical Equipment of Plants and Factories. To ensure further safety, the system features a built-in alarm that detects abnormality in high-voltage areas. The electrode comes in a ventilated pressurized explosion-proof structure.


The system applies the corona discharge method, which enables it to eliminate static without contacting the charged object.
The built-in alarm shuts down the static eliminator and signals an alarm via an alarm lamp immediately upon detecting an abnormality, such as a spark discharge caused by dielectric breakdown of the electrode or high-voltage cable, or a drop in the voltage applied to the electrode.
The system is equipped with an external control contact output, which permits the system to be interlocked with a machine used for the process.

Symbols of explosion-proof structures, etc.

03 high-voltage power supply device: d2G4 (Pressure-resistant explosion-proof structure, Explosion class: 2, Ignition temperature: G4)
APS(Y) static eliminating electrode: G3 (Pressurized explosion-proof structure, Explosion class: 1, Ignition temperature: G3)
F6 wind pressure controller: d2G4 (Pressure-resistant explosion-proof structure, Explosion class: 2, Ignition temperature: G4)
* To be used with a dedicated wind pressure detector (F6-M)