Kasuga electrodes SHER, SHOR, HOR-RP*1, HDM, HPD

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List of charging electrodes



List of standard charging electrodes for charging equipment

Model Work dimensions (effective length) Comments
SHER 100 - 1100mm With protective resin pipe
Without reinforcing pipe
SHOR 1100 - 3000mm With protective resin pipe
With round reinforcing pipe
HOR-RP*1 1100 - 8000mm With protective resin side plate
With square reinforcing pipe (50 mm x 50 mm)
HDM 400 - 2000mm Slim type
With plate for adjusting effective width
HPD 400 - 2000mm Resistant to high voltage

*1 For 3,000 mm or longer electrodes, we recommend use of an intermediate support for preventing deflection.