Cần siết lực Kanon RSPK, RSPKH series

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Pre-set, ring torque wrench

Can be used for accurate torque application even on joints inaccessible with other wrenches.

●The ring head of RSPK wenches is offset at a 45°angle making certain joints particularly accessible.
●A single function wrench, used for a single setting combination of fastener size and torque setting.
●Most suited for tightening multiple sama-size fasteners at the same torque in a production line.
●setting confirmation unnecessary.
●Accuracy : 3% of pre-set value.

Example of order
Model    Size   Pre-set value
380RSPK 19 × 240 kgf・cm

Adjusting tools

・Adjusting tool No.1
  30,80,190RSPK (kgf・cm Unit) / N3.5, 9, 21RSPK (N・m Unit)
・Adjusting tool No.2
  380,670RSPK (kgf・cm Unit) / N42, 73RSPK (N・m Unit)
・Adjusting tool No.3
  1200,1600,2200RSPK (kgf・cm Unit) / 
   N127, 170, 230RSPK (N・m Unit)
・Adjusting tool No.4
  3100RSPK (kgf・cm Unit) / N320RSPK (N・m Unit)
・Adjusting tool No.5
 4200RSPK (kgf・cm Unit) / N430RSPK (N・m Unit)
※Adjusting tool is option.