Cần siết lực Kanon QLK series

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Adjustable ratchet torque wrench

Freely set torque values within the capacity range. Replaceable socket, ratchet wrenches.

●The ratchet improves efficiency. These wrenches are well suited for repetitive work.
●By replacing the sockets, various sizes of fasteners can be tightened within the tool's capacity range.
●By reversing the ratchet, the wrench  can be used to loosen fasteners counter-clockwise.
●Tightening to a torque setting can only be done clockwise.
●Accuracy:±3% of indicated value over the full range.

Torque adjusting box wrench for large wrench
 Box size
 7000QLK~10000QLK (kgf・cm unit) :8mm
 N700QLK~N1000QLK-8 (N・m unit) : 8mm

 15000QLK~21000QLK (kgf・cm unit) :10mm
  N1500QLK~N2100QLK (N・m unit) : 10mm