Cần siết lực Kanon HYK series

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Hotline: 0365930441

Adjustable wrench heads, adjustable torque wrench

Built-in "no play" worm screw

●Since the head can be taken off and reversed,
 the wrench can be used in confined spaces (in as small as a 30 degree turn) previously inaccessible to even other adjustable wrenches.
 (Tightening to a torque setting can only be done in the direction of the arrow.).
●There is hardly any play in the worm screw adjuster in the wrench head, which will improve your working efficiency. Without excess play,
 the torque wrench will not damage the corners of fasteners like ordinary wrenches will.
●Accuracy:±4% of indicated value over the full range.





Head can be taken off and reversed