Aco IEC 60318-4 Ear Simulator TYPE 2128

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Ear Simulator TYPE 2128, complying with IEC 60318-4, is used to measure sound pressure and frequency characteristics of insert type earphone.
Characteristics of ear canal, eardrum, etc., are also taken into account, allowing to measure under similar condition to that with the simulator attached to human ear.
Each product is calibrated with ACO 1/2 inch pressure microphone TYPE 7013 associated with dedicated ear coupler.

TYPE 2128 is used with standard preamplifier TYPE 4028 to realize similar acoustic input impedance to that of human ear, offering really close condition to real ear.
The sound volume can be adjusted in fines, for instance, owing to careful design, precise grind and exact adjustment.

Product Specifications

Applicalbe Standard IEC 60318-4(former 60711)/ITU-T Rec. P57
Type Ear Simulator TYPE 2128
Microphone TYPE 7013 (built-in, sound pressure type)
Sound pressure sensitivity -39dB re 1V/Pa (11.2mV/Pa) (included preamplifier TYPE 4028)
Polarizing voltage 200V
Frequency characteristics 100Hz~10kHz
Resonance frequency 13.8kHz±1kHz
Tolerance 1.28cm³±0.03cm³
Size and Weight φ23.77×23 (Projection 20) Approx.70g (Included microphone)
Measuring range 40~140dB
Preamplifier size TYPE 4028 φ60×30(H)
Connector LEMO 7P (Preamplifier voltage+28V、Polarization voltage 200V)