Tô vít lực Kanon LTDK series

Ngày đăng: 30/55/2019 - 59 lượt xem

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Adjustable Torque Screw Driver

Clutch release prevents over-tightening, reduces fatigue.

●Comfortable grip for extended use.
●Light weight and short overall length facilitates jobs.
Sensitive clutch release helps the operator feel when the torque setting is reached.
●Set the required torque value and tighten, all operator tighten consistently.
●Two phillips bit are included.
●Various hex and box drive bits are avaiable.
●Use for clockwise tightening.
●Accuracy:±3% of indicated value over the full range, clockwise.

"-H"models accept standard bits instead of CB type bits.



Applicable drivers in OB type bits

Applicable drivers in CB type bits

Applicable drivers in SB type bits
 1.5,3LTDK-H 6,12,20,30,50,100LTDK