Tô vít lực Kanon DPSK series

Ngày đăng: 30/57/2019 - 61 lượt xem

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Dial Gauge Torque Drivers

Suited for light torque, general tightening work, inspections. Easy to handle, easy to read scale.

Peak indicator is standard.

●A light torque driver well suited for general tightening, inspections and break tests.
●Easy handling with a direct reading dial gauge.
●Use for both clockwise and counterclockwise. 
●Peak torque indicator works in both directions, too.
●The transparent scale makes engaging the fastener easier.
●For both models, accuracy is 3% of indicated value over the full range.



Applicable drivers in OB type bits
1,2,5DPSK N1,2,5DPSK

Applicable drivers in SB type bits
10,20,50DPSK N10,20,50DPSK