Sakuga High-density ionizing system HDIP-3, HDIP-5, HDIP-6

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In plastic film manufacturing and working processes, films are subject to repeated friction and delamination as they are moved through numerous rollers. Corona surface treatment is also applied to the films in these processes to improve their wettability. This causes an increase of charge potential on the films and the electrostatic discharge causes charge marks such as static marks. A conventional method for eliminating static from the films uses a voltage-applying static eliminator to reduce the surface potential to a level at which no electrostatic problems or hazards will occur.
This high-density ionizing system improves the quality of the film material by eliminating static marks and other charge marks, which previously would have been deemed impossible.
Above all, the system is widely used in production processes that require thin film coating, such as those of multifunctional films for flat-panel displays and high-density flexible substrates.



  • High-density ionization is a contactless static elimination process. No air is used.
  • The system ensures high quality for your products by eliminating static marks and other charge marks.
  • The system also improves product quality in such processes as coating for enhancing functions and lamination.
  • This high-density ionizing system reduces the rise in surface potential and occurrence of surface absorption phenomena – problems that occur when the film has been taken up. (The system reduces charge accumulation on the interface.)
  • The system reduces dust adhesion.
  • Dust elimination is more effective if high-density ionization is undertaken in advance.
  • The system can also be applied for static elimination from films, sheets, printed wiring boards, LCD glasses and other objects with charge marks, including those caused by electrostatic discharge.

Visualized charge marks


Pass line


System configuration diagram




Model HDIP-3 HDIP-5 HDIP-6
Rated output AC electrode 7.8kV 7kV 7kV
Ion attracting electrode 0 - 7kV 0 - 5kV 0 - 5kV
DC electrode ±4 - ±10kV ±4 - ±10kV ±4 - ±10kV
Output frequency         Commercial frequency 200Hz 200Hz
Power consumption 231VA or below 231VA or below 300VA or below
Static elimination capability (line speed) 200m/minute or below 200m/minute or below 200m/minute or below
Mass 約33kg 約33kg 約35kg