Rational Projection presetters model DTP-A1540

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Hotline: 0365930441
  • Product name: Projection presetters
  • Product ID: DTP-A1540

Product brief:
This instrument is a high precision tool presetter integrating optics, machinery, electronics and video. It is widely used to measure the exact coordinate position of the tools used in the digital control machine tool, processing center and soft manufacturing unit. It can also inspect the angle, round corners and so on.


Standard principal axis

Available in BT30, BT40 or BT50 in accordance with customized requirement.

Measuring range

Diameter (X-axis): Φ300mm  Height (Z axis): 30~400mm

Digital Measuring System

Linear scale resolution (X, Z-axis): 0.0005mm

Diameter, semi-diameter, height, angle, arc, cutting angle, or back bevel angle available by DTP-1540

Sampling by foot-switch; output by RS232; output by printer

Aiming System

HD CCD camera, 17〞color display

0.5X lens (Total magnification: 20X)

Standard: cross curve


Profile illumination is LED. Surface illumination is halogen lamp (24V, 30W). Brightness adjustable.

Dimension (L×W×H)



90kg or so