Rational Degital Read Out model DRO SW3200 ( Màn hình hiển thị Rational DRO SW3200)

Ngày đăng: 17/30/2017 - 136 lượt xem

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Hotline: 0365930441
  • Product name: DRO SW3200
  • Product ID: SW3200

Product brief:
DRO SW3200 is the upgraded version of SW3000. It is compatible with all features of SW3000 and adds the feature of pre-setting value. It can be installed to various machines to carry out inspection and positioning.

1. Adopts self-developed 24-bit IC and when resolution is 0.001mm, the speed of counter is 4m/s.
2. Wearproof alloy shell, which is elegant, and difficult to scratch.
3. Premium quality and durable panel, which is convenient to replace.
4. Anti-jamming capabilities of power supply and signal can be more than 2200V.
5. Recalls the last position after power failure without battery.
6. Zero clearing.
7. Numerical analysis.
8. Pre-sets value.
9. Metric units / Imperial units transfer.
10. Absolute coordinate / relative coordinate transfer
11. Computation direction can be set.
12. Diameter / semi-diameter can be selected.
13. 3 axes can be connected with linear scale or rotary encoder.
14. Linear correction available.
15. Sleep switch (ON/OFF).
16. RS-232 outputs the indication value of linear scale into PC.


Input voltage



Maximum: 15W

Input signal

Orthogonality TTL square wave; frequency<2MHZ; electric current>1mA






214 x 139 x 34 (mm)