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Double Lock System 2
  • When open the cam arms – Push both small rings, by thumb and lift cam arms up.
  • The cam arms are locked at open position automatically
Double Lock System
  • Double Lock design is available. It does not open expectedly, also can insert to male adapter easily.
  • Are equipped for 1″~2″ Aluminium & Stainless Steel as option.
open position

Open position

closed position

Closed position

  Lever Lock
  • Prevent cam-lever might be opened suddenly.
  • Recommended for place of vibration.
pfa seal 1 Super PFA Seal
  • Super PFA Seal encapsulated the whole of Fluoro rubber (FKM) core by Fluoro carbon polymers (PFA).
  • Fluoro rubber (FKM) core is so elastic that is prevent distortion.
  • PFA is un-adhesive, it does not adhere to many materials.
  • It is elastic that can prevent distortion and not deformed by sticking pressure.
  • Available for wide range of temperature -20°C ~ 180°C, can be used with steam, chemical liquid & solvent.


Spare Gasket

Flange Type Flange type
  • Standard Flange are JIS 10K
  • Available with ANSI & API standard.
Sanitary Type Sanitary type
  • Sanitary type is IDF ferrule standard.
PFA Lining Coupling PFA Lining Coupling
  • Lined with PFA Internally, liquid does not touch the metal part.
  • Recommended for Chemical, food & Semiconductor uses.
Adapter-with-Ball-Valve Adapter with Ball Valve
  • Standard thread is BSP, Available NPT
  • Minimize cost and weight by integral vale and adapter in one body.
  • Save time and improve work efficiency.
 poly ball valve

Poly ball Valve

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