Nikken Boring IT-50

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Hotline: 0365930441
Nikken IT50-RAK-110A + RPC-130 + MCCZ-130V + MCC-130B
Nikken IT50-RAK-160A + RPC-130 + MCCZ-130V + MCC-130B
Nikken IT50-RAK-210A + RPC-130 + MCCZ-130V + MCC-130B

Our unique Balance-Cut BAC, RAC and BCB Blade Boring Solutions provide an efficient, stable and reliable option for any large diameter boring requirements.

Consisting of a one piece base holder, a precision symmetrical blade in conjunction with a wide variety of boring cartridges and balance weights the system is both versatile and configurable to suit any demand or process.

Our large diameter solutions provide roughing, semi-finishing and fine finishing capabilities from 130mm diameter right up to just under 600mm diameter (approx.. 595mm) as standard. Special diameters and lengths can also be considered on request.

NIKKEN's large diameter boring range, depending on tool shank, is available in 4 distinct ranges:

  • RAC - 'Balance-Cut' system for RAC twin blade roughing of diameters 130.0mm to 580.0mm.
  • BAC - 'Balance-Cut' system for ZMAC single point finishing of diameters 130.0mm to 595.0mm.
  • BCB - 'Balance-Cut' system for BCB single point finishing of diameters 130.0mm to 595.0mm.
  • BCB-W - 'Balance-Cut' system for BCB twin blade finishing of diameters 130.0mm to 595.0mm.

NEW - Just launched are our brand new RAC and BAC Alpha lightweight special hardened alloy range to expand the scope and application of our innovative 'large diameter' boring solutions. The system also provides a unique 'over-turning' capability using reversible cartridges.

  • Unique, precise arbor and blade system

  • Power & Smooth Boring

  • Double Cutting Capability

  • Balanced Cutting Capability

  • High Pressure Coolant Options

RAC Balance-Cut Boring Technical Diagram Large Diameter Boring

RAC Balance-Cut Boring Drawing

BAC Balance-Cut Boring Technical Diagram

BAC Balance-Cut Boring Drawing



High Pressure Coolant Through Tool

High Pressure Coolant Through Tool

Boring Brochure

(PDF - 70.4 MB)

  Shank Boring Arbor Spacer/Plate Heaed/Cartridge/Bit Dia 'D' Min Dia 'D' Max Boring Depth 'H' Insert Application
IT50-RAK-110A + RPC-130 + MCCZ-130V + MCC-130B IT50 IT50-RAK-110A RPC-130 MCCZ-130V + MCC-130B 130.0 195.0 185.0 6MP Finish
IT50-RAK-160A + RPC-130 + MCCZ-130V + MCC-130B IT50 IT50-RAK-160A RPC-130 MCCZ-130V + MCC-130B 130.0 195.0 235.0 6MP Finish
IT50-RAK-210A + RPC-130 + MCCZ-130V + MCC-130B IT50 IT50-RAK-210A RPC-130 MCCZ-130V + MCC-130B 130.0 195.0