Máy đo độ dầy JFE Advantech TI-100K

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Model Usage Applications
TI-100K (0.01mm indication unit) mm / inch For maintenance
  • - Checking corrosion of pipes, water tanks and bridges
  • - Checking wear of construction machinery and ship hulls
  • - Verifying the accuracy of metal molds and precision components
  • - Measuring wall thickness of pipes


Object material Metals such as Steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum, Titan etc. Non-metal such as Glass , Resins, etc.
Measuring method Ultrasonic pulse reflection method
Working temperature From -5 to 50°C
Measuring range*1 From 0.80 to 80.00mm
Minimum measurable size for pipes Outer diameter φ27.20mm or bigger
Wall thickness Min. 1.50mm
Indication unit 0.01mm (mm / inch)
Accuracy*1 Measurement accuracy± 0.05mm*1
Repeatability± 0.02mm*1
Reproducibility ±0.1mm
Probe   1meter cable integrated probe
  Model 5Z10NDT-K
  Frequency 5MHz
  Diameter (contact surface) φ13.0 (φ 11.5) mm
Probe replacement Replaceable by users
Display Digital LCD (128X64) with backlight
Measurement mode S-B1, R-B1
Statistical function Number of data, Maximum value, Minimum value,
Average value, Standard deviation
Memory function Maximum storage records: 10000 data
(1000 X 10 groups)(Grouping possible)
Contents: Data number,
Measurement time (Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute, Second), Measurement value,
Velocity of propagation setting data (standard 10 types, 5types set by user)
Alarm function Upper/Lower alarm
Data output Data output USB terminal (USB mini-B)
Pulse propagation speed setting range 1000 to 12000m/s
Power supply 2 AA alkaline dry batteries
Dimensions 70mm (W) X 155mm (H) X 33mm (D)
Weight (including dry batteries) Main unit :200±10g Probe: 50±10g
Standard configuration 1 main unit, 1 probe, 1 carrying case, 1 bottle of couplant,
2 AA alkaline dry batteries, 1 USB cable, data processing software in 1 CD, 1 built-in calibration block for zero adjustment, 1 instruction manual, 1 test report

*1: In cases of measurements of steel

Example for output data at PC screen




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