Kính hiển vi Shibuya model SPA

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Hotline: 0365930441
Microscope Unit for exclusive TV observation with easy operation, portable, right weight and high cost performance.
  • Infinity corrected optical design with port to accept coaxial illumination system.
  • With iris diaphragm at the port for coaxial illumination system to adjust best position for the contrast of image on TV monitor.
  • Built-in production processing line, corpertive with image processing system for the measurement of size, appearance inspection and fixing the place of object.
  • As option, revolving type nosepiece, objective lens mount and camera mount can be changeable to accept any objective lens and any camera.


Cat. No. SPA
Wavelangth range Visisble range
Tube lens magnification 1 X
Focal length of tube lens 200 mm
Maximum camera format 2 / 3 Inch
Camera mount C-mount
Screw mount for objective lens M20.32 P= 0.706 / M26 P= 0.706