Kính hiển vi Shibuya model SNPL-400B và SNPL-400T

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Phase Contrast & Polarizing Microscope

Phase contrast set and polarizing set are combined into one microscope that enable your observation to be alternated between phase contrast and polarizing microscopy. In case of monitoring asbestos, you may first use phase contrast microscopy to find out fibers and count them, then switch to polarizing microscopy and distinguish the asbestos fibers and non-asbestos. A special designed eyepiece micrometer, Eyepiece Graticule for monitoring Asbestos, is recommendable unique item to assist your observation. Not only phase contrast and polarizing, you may also use the microscope for bright field microscopy. As an indispensable instrument, this multi functional microscope should be equipped for your factory, your laboratory and, at an incredible reasonable price.

Cat. No. SNPL-400B SNPL-400T
Optical System Finite (Mechanical Tube Length 195 mm, Objectives Parfocal Length 45 mm)
Observation Binocular
(30˚ tilting)
(30˚ tilting, 50 : 50 Obsv: Pht or 100/100)
Eyepiece WF10 x /18(with cross line) 1 pc, WF10 x /18 1 pc
Objectives Magnification N.A.
(Numerical Aperture)
(Working Distance)
(Field Diameter)
(Resolving Power)
Strain-free Achromatic
Phase-contrast Obj.
10 x 0.25 7.40 mm 10.1 um 1.34 um
40 x 0.65 0.53 mm 1.20 um 0.52 um
Strain-free Achromatic
Polarizing Obj.
10 x 0.25 7.40 mm 10.1 um 1.34 um
40 x 0.65 0.53 mm 1.20 um 0.52 um
Screw Pitch 20.32 x 0.706
Revolver Nosepiece Backward four-position nosepiece, center adjustable
Analyzer Rotable analyzer with gradation 0-90
Bertrand Lens Sliding type, in/out of optiocal path
Compensator λPlate (First-order Red), 1/4 λPlate, Quartz Wedge
Stage ø160 mm, rotatable and center adjustable, graduation 1˚ x 360, Vemier 6'
Condenser Turret Ph-condenser
Illumination Transparent illumination, 6 V - 20 W halogen lamp, brightness adjustable