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The CZ-1100TR is our 5-35° Ergonomic Trinocular 1:10 Zoom Stereo Zoom system with Planachromatic 1.0X Objective and complete with Incident & Transmitted LED illumination with a Working Distance of 78mm and a 8X to 80X total Magnification with a 10x/22 eyepiece and a central body with 0.8-8x with detent click-stop, C.M.O.-Common Main Objective Design.

The Meiji Techno CZ-1100TR is a complete Ergonomic Trinocular system with a fresh new design for the laboratory, the CZ-1100TR routine Ergonomic Trinocular stereo microscopes combine Meiji Techno’s legendary optical design and quality. The CZ-1100TR CMO stereo microscope is a complete bundled package includes precise, reproducible magnification steps for repeated measurements, examinations, inspections or photography of metallurgical or biological specimens under identical scales and conditions. This guarantees that the results remain comparable at all times and the image is parfocalled. Parfocally matched optical system wherein the sharpness remains constant when the zoom magnification is changed. High depth of field for observing specimens over an extended area. The optical brilliance makes the CZ-1100TR the ideal Ergonomic Trinocular routine stereo microscope that can accommodate any CMOS or CCD or Digital SLR cameras for life science and industrial applications. Ergonomically designed head with a 5-35° adjustable eyepiece tube is designed with the laboratory technician in mind in contributing to increased productivity and workflow.

The investment made on high quality designed microscope amortizes quickly and can provide long-term benefits for higher quality results and better well being of the technician, thus improving performance.

   • Dust Cover for CZ Series
   • Clear Glass Stage Plate
   • Black/White Stage Plate
   • CZ Series Meiji Techno Instruction Manual included 

Product Information: 
   • Manufactured: 100% MADE IN HOLLAND
   • Warranty: 1 YEARS WARRANTY 
   • Customer Support: 1-(800) 832-0060 (U.S.A Based)

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