Kasuga Chargeless (CLM-45C/CLM-45CB/CLM-30/CLM-15)

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  • Outstanding static elimination performance among self-discharged static eliminators. This is enabled by the use of the Cermec spun yarn with numerous tips, which results in a countless number of discharging tips.
  • Since they are self-discharged units, they do not need high-voltage power suppliy, which allows enhanced safety, low price and easy installation.
  • Slim and lightweight, they can be installed in narrow spaces.




CLM-45CB and CLM-45C: Brush is made of Cermec
CLM-30 and CLM-15: Entire fiber portion is made of Cermec
* We no longer produce CLM-1.

Intended use

  • Prevention of all types of electrostatic hazard (ignition, explosion, electric shock, absorption, dust attraction)
  • These can be applied in a wide variety of fields, including fiber, plastic, papermaking, printing, rubber, and in chemical, petroleum, precision and business machine industries.

What is conductive fiber?

This is a fiber that was processed to have low electrical resistance.

What is Cermec?

Cermec is a special conductive fiber developed by Kuraray Co., Ltd. Unlike conventional metallic fibers, these conductive fibers feature superior resistance to chemicals, climate and heat (up to 200ºC), as well as washability, so they can be applied widely and used almost indefinitely.

How static is eliminated