Đầu kẹp Nikken Mini-Mini Advanced Alpha NIT50

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Hotline: 0365930441
Model: Nikken NIT50-MMC12-105, NIT50-MMC12-135, NIT50-MMC12-165, NIT50-MMC8-105, NIT50-MMC8-135, NIT50-MMC8-165

Mini-Mini, depending on tool shank, is available in 3 sizes:

  • MMC4 - to suit diameters 1.0mm to 4.0mm.
  • MMC8 - to suit diameters 2.0mm to 8.0mm.
  • MMC12 - to suit diameters 4.0mm to 12.0mm.

For collet choice, when using our 'centre through' type Mini-Mini chuck option, we can provide two main options. A mechanically sealed collet (VMK) for cutting tools which feature a coolant hole and also an alternative 'jet' type collet (VMK-J) featuring three 'V' form grooves down the main bore to supply the coolant down the outside of the cutting tool. Both of course are very effective in swarf removal and placing the coolant exactly where it needs to be!

Mini Mini Advanced Alpha Technical Diagram
Mini Mini Advanced Alpha with rear clamping for HSK also available

Mini Mini AT with rear clamping for HSK also available

  Capacity 'D' Code Grip Length 'H' Length 'L' Nut / Nose Dia 'D1' Shank
NIT50-MMC12-105 4.0-12.0 MMC12 20.0-31.0 105 30 NIT50
NIT50-MMC12-135 4.0-12.0 MMC12 20.0-31.0 135 30 NIT50
NIT50-MMC12-165 4.0-12.0 MMC12 20.0-31.0 165 30 NIT50
NIT50-MMC8-105 2.0-8.0 MMC8 9.4-15.0 105 20 NIT50
NIT50-MMC8-135 2.0-8.0 MMC8 9.4-15.0 135 20 NIT50
NIT50-MMC8-165 2.0-8.0 MMC8 9.4-15.0 165 20 NIT50