Cảm biến Magnescale Digital Gauge DT32N, DT32NV, DT32P, DT32PV

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Compact and slim gauges

  • Excellent resistance to workshop conditions, DT32P/PV : IP64)
  • Resistant to oil, water, dust, vibration, and shock.
  • Accuracy : 10μm
  • Maximum resolution : 5μm
  • Measuring range : 32mm/1.26"
  • Compact size ideal for designing into machines:DT32 : 12(D) x 35(W) x 218(H)mm/ 0.47" x 1.38" x 8.58"
  • Pneumatic push type are also available
  • Main applications : Automatic sorting of parts



*1 The mass indicated is the total mass excluding the cable.

Magnescale reserves the right to change product specifications without prior notice.

Model DT32N DT32NV DT32P DT32PV
Spindle actuation - Pneumatic push type - Pneumatic push type
Measuring range 32mm
Resolution 5μm
Measuring force(at 20℃) Upward 1.1±0.8N 2.9Nor less 9Nor less
Lateral 1.3±0.8N 2.9Nor less 9Nor less
Downward 1.5±0.8N 2.9Nor less 9Nor less
Accuracy(at 20℃) 10μm
Operating temperature 0~50℃
Storage temperature −10~60℃
Cable length 2m
Diameter of stem φ8(0~0.015)mm
Feeler Feeler tipped with 3 mm dia. steel ball with M2.5p x 0.45 screw on fitting end
Mass*1 Approx. 120g Approx. 140g Approx. 120g Approx. 140g
Protective design grade - - Equivalent to IP64 Equivalent to IP64